About Us

The Croatian Christian Coalition was founded on July 2, 2008 at the initiation of churches and believers of the Reformation heritage in order to realize solidarity, transparency, excellence, support and cooperation as a collective influence in society through actively promoting the Christian principles of churches of the Reformation heritage in the Republic of Croatia.  We plan to do this through following ways:

  • Mutual support in general society and active response to current events in the areas of morals, ethics, politics, family, human and religious freedom through public media
  • Mutual support of local churches through educational seminars and consultations
  • Issuing publications in the area of working organizations in accordance with special - -regulations
  • Education of members in accordance with the organization's vision
  • Education of children and young people through instructional programs
  • To strengthen the supporting structure of society through Christian principles.
  • To influence the general well-being of society; through modern, Christian, and  scientific approach in all areas of societal, political, and public life.
Foundational Values Of The Croatian Christian Coalition
  • Leadership, inspiration and positive change
    We want to offer leadership and creativity, which inspires and influences positive societal change in the spirit of Christian values.

  • Excellence
    We want to initiate excellence in all that we do.

  • Team work and cooperation
    We want to initiate Christian solidarity and team work with the goal of satisfying the common and united vision of the members of the Croatian Christian Coalition.

  • Diversity
    We appreciate and respect mutual differences in work and mission, yet we are united in a common vision to spread God's kingdom in the Republic of Croatia and promoting biblical principles.

  • Communication
    All members of the coalition are encouraged to openly contribute to the work and direction of the function of the Croatian Christian Coalition.

  • Integrity
    We hope that the strength of our work in society gives us integrity as Christians, which is demonstrated in our words and deeds.