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April 28th 2016 – Croatian Christian Coalition Condemns Any Kind of Promotion of Nationalism and Exclusiveness

Although, it has been more than seventy years since the end of WWII and cessation of NHD, a Nazi- supported regime in Croatia, we have been lately witnessing an increase of extreme nationalism. Disguised as so called “patriotism”, we can often come across extreme nationalistic statements and political views that promote intolerance towards anybody who is not “Croat and Catholic”. Recent attacks on a Gypsy family in Zagreb are just one sad example of this intolerance. Unfortunately, the day of remembrance for the victims of the Jasenovacconcentration camp,and communist’s crimes during WWII in Bleiberg, are progressively turning into a deplorable discussion about the “real victims and real villains”.  Between the lines, we can often read a not so subtle message that the NDH regime was not as bad as it is portrayed and the crimes committed during that dark period of Croatian history are not so horrible. Unfortunately, the current Government has not made a loud and clear statement condemning such thinking and did not distance itself from groups and individuals who promote extremism.

The Croatian Christian Coalition condemns any kind of glorification of ultra nationalism and similar political views that try to portrait one political system, that is condemned by the whole world, as something good. We also condemn manipulation of victims of any regime; whether,they are victims of the communist regime in Bleiburg or Nazi regime in Jasenovac. All victims deserve to be honored with dignity and shouldn’t be used for ideological debates and promotion of political agendas. It is very sad to see that as a nation we still haven’t embraced our own history, admit that it has a dark side to it and turned away from such ideologies.
As Christians we invite all citizens of Croatia to leave the past behind them, forgive and turn towards the future we can build together for the good of our children. We invite all citizens of Croatia, regardless of their nationality, religion, and political views to honor and pay their respect to all victims of all regimes. This is the only way forward for us to make Croatia a land in which all our citizens feel safe and are guaranteed dignityof life.

February 18th 2016. – A response in regards to the call for the resignation of the Minister of Science, Education, and Sport

The Croatian Christian Coalition is of the opinion that the entire situation is a case of intense media manipulation. We regard the request for Minister’s resignation to be both unnecessary and unsound. Within the mentioned article, the authors have intentionally or unknowingly disregarded numerous facts. We believe that the article is full of atheistic propaganda and doesn’t hold to the dignity of scientific methodology, the field of science, and the field of education in general.
There are many great and relevant scientists who have been responsible for some of the biggest scientific discoveries throughout history and have held (or still hold) to a theistic worldview. The Big Bang Theory as well as the Theory of Evolution cannot disprove or prove God’s existence. It is striking that the Big Bang Theory itself is compatible with a theistic worldview as it proves that the universe indeed had a beginning and differs from the theory of an eternal universe; which, used to be scientifically acceptable. Biological evolution, as described by Neo-Darwinist theory, cannot be scientific proof that theism as a worldview is either false or unscientific, nor does it prove that atheism equals science.

Atheism is legitimate philosophical and religious position, but, not an empirically proven theory or scientific fact. The thesis that science and scientific theories are the only legitimate sources of knowledge, and they alone are valid and sufficient enough to make sense of the world around us is not scientific, but religious. Therefore, instead of commandeering science and borrowing terms and definitions from a theistic worldview, instead of serving propaganda, criticism, and rhetoric free of any ontological content, atheists should try to create their own coherent worldview that will not be based on misuse of science, and as a result, a priori exclude any other discourse or paradigm from the debate.

It is implied that even the head of The Roman Catholic Church accepted a scientific explanation of the origins of universe and that is, in itself, contradictory to the pseudoscientific explanation that minister Šustar represents in his article. Instead, the purpose was to persuade the general public that even the Pope himself has rejected theism and it doesn't even deserve a serious reply or comment.

The Croatian Christian Coalition encourages dialogue and tolerance as well as scientific research void of any ideology and religion - including atheism. Natural science has no mechanism to prove whether God does or does not exist. It also cannot prove that atheism is the only rational and scientifically valid worldview.
For Croatian Christian Coalition
Goran Punda

For Croatian Christian Coalition
Dr. Mario Dučić

February 16th 2016. - Legal regulation of homeschooling

For the past several years Croatian Christian Coalition has been advocating for legalization and integration of homeschooling into Croatian school system. The CCC submitted a Bill of Change to the Ministry of Education and Sport in which homeschooling and other alternative forms of education would be regulated through the educational system. Homeschooling is an integral part of the school system in many European countries; including neighboring Slovenia.

During the past two years the CCC has had several positive and encouraging meetings with the Assistant Minister of Education in the former government and we were promised that homeschooling will be regulated with the next change of the Educational Laws. We will continue in our efforts and hope to find favor with new government. We have already sent a formal request for a meeting with the new Minister of Education, Science, and Sport and we hope the new administration will understand the importance of this form of education; especially, for children with special needs. We hope the proposed changes will be made in time for the start of the next school year.

For Croatian Christian Coalition,
Dr. Mario Dučić

January 28th 2016. - Croatian Christian Coalition’s press report regarding The International Day of Religious Freedom

Every year, the last Saturday of January celebrates the International Day of Religious Freedom. On this day we remember all those who were or still are persecuted for their religion.

In Croatia, The Constitution guarantees the freedom of religion and there is no persecution like we hear happening in other parts of the world. But, not all religious communities are the same and have the same rights and privileges. Article 41 of The Constitution of The Republic of Croatia says: “All religions are equal in the eyes of the law and separated from the State.” However, at the same time there is also another law regulating legal status of churches and other religious communities in which we find articles that are not in line with the Constitution. This Law discriminates believers of minority religious communities. According to that law, religious communities that have less than 500 members cannot be registered as such. They can only register as NGOs and their members do not have the same religious rights as members of other registered communities. Also, rules and regulations regarding finances given by Government for religious communities are not transparent and there is no clear and understandable way to calculate the amount given to a specific church or community. Churches that have approximately the same number of believers are given different amount of money.

In the end, Catholic Church is undoubtedly favored and privileged, not only because of the international agreement between the Republic of Croatia and the State of Vatican, but also because it frequently interferes into politics and puts influences all spheres of society, state and local government.

For Croatian Christian Coalition
Dr. Mario Dučić

November 3rd 2015. – Croatian Christian Coalition Invites People to Vote at the Parliamentary Elections

Dear citizens of Croatia,

We invite you to exercise your rights and show your care for the welfare of the Croatian people, by casting your vote for the new Parliament of Croatia, and be among those who will decide our decision makers and representatives for the next four years in our country. We are well aware that many citizens in this country feel disappointed and disillusioned with the government and people currently in power, irrespective to their political party, and choose not to vote. With every election the number of people who vote has been on the decline. Although, we are not presented with the ideal candidates we would hope for, we must be aware of the consequences of not voting. By not voting, we let others decide for us. Therefore, we want to encourage the citizens of Croatia to spend the remaining time, until the upcoming elections, reflecting about the choices available to them. It is not realistic to expect to find a perfect political party, politician, or program. However, it is very important that we get involved in the decision process and weigh in on all the advantages and disadvantages in order tothe make wise and rational decisions that need to be made. The freedom of choice and the right to vote are some of the foundations of democracy. We must be careful not to take these things for granted, especially considering our history.

As Christians, we invite you to choose a party or option that offers justice, abidesin the law, fights against corruption; while, promoting morality, welfare to all, honor, and honesty; and havea clear and realistic plan for economic growth and stability. Vote for those who offer wise and concrete solutions for the economic, social, and moral crisis our country has found itself in.

For Croatian Christian Coalition
Dr. Mario Dučić

September 15th 2015. – Let us Show Christian Mercy and Accept Differentness

Regarding,the refugees and immigrant crisis that has stricken Europe, the Croatian Christian Coalition wants to demonstrate one of the foundational truths of Christian faith – that God created all men equal with thesame worth, dignity, desire to be free, safe, and are given the freedom to pursue happiness. This is clear from Scripture and it should be the basis of every Christian endeavor. This world view, as well as acceptance of diversity, is engraved into the very foundation of modern Europe and its democracy.

As Christians, we must cast all fears and animosity toward people of other races, nationality, culture, and religious beliefs to approach every human suffering with empathy and willingness to help. Although, some people may be afraid that terrorists have infiltrated themselves amongst the crowds of refugees, and rightly so, we should not allow our fears to hinder us in showing Christian mercy to people in need; regardless of their religious background.

We should also remember our country once faceda refugee crisis during the Homeland War and war in Bosnia and Hercegovina. We were able to cope very well with that situation two decades ago and many of our citizens became refugees in other countries that showed empathy to us. Many have stayed in those countries of safe haven, even after the warended. Similarly, many refugees from Bosnia and Hercegovina have stayedto raise their families here in Croatia. We should remind ourselves that there are many Croats who immigrated to other countries during last century. Migrations and assimilation of different cultures are normal occurrences in the history of humankind. We should not be afraid and build barriers.

Therefore, the Croatian Christian Coalition invites Christians and all other people to be brave and open up their hearts to do as much as they can to help others in this difficult situation.

For Croatian Christian Coalition,
Dr. Mario Dučić

September 15th 2015. – Let’s Introduce You to the Work of Croatian Christian Coalition

We want to introduce you to the work of Croatian Christian Coalition and invite you to join usto work together on promoting Christian values and fulfilling our goals.
The Croatian Christian Coalition was founded on July 2, 2008 at the initiation of churches and believers of the Reformation heritage in order to realize solidarity, transparency, excellence, support, and cooperation as a collective influence in society through actively promoting the Christian principles of churches, of the Reformation heritage, in the Republic of Croatia.  We plan to do this in the following ways:

  • Mutually support the general public and actively respond to current events in the areas of morals, ethics, politics, family, human, and religious freedom through public media.
  • Mutually support local churches through educational seminars and consultations.
  • Issue publications in the area of working organizations in accordance with special regulations.
  • Educate members in accordance with the organization's vision.
  • Educate children and young people through instructional programs.

We spent most of our time fighting for religious freedom and equality. We also organized several seminars and opportunities to train leaders and business people. Furthermore, we actively reacted to the political and social issues of the day. The Croatian Christian Coalition is open to individuals and protestant churches interested in promoting common goals and values. We are open to new projects and ideas that promote key Christian values and are oriented toward the welfare of our country and its people. This includes political activism, law, ethical and moral issues, charity work,and etc. You can find out more about the Croatian Christian Coalition on our web page. If you are interested in joining us, feel free to contact us by phone. We will be happy to answer your questions.

Our contacts:
+385 91 7608-918 Mario Dučić – president
+385 91 4920-726 – vice president
Ana Prebeg
Vice president

May 29th 2015. - The Croatian Christian Coalition Condemns Veterans’ Anarchy and Violent Behavior in Fighting for Their Rights

We believe that the ideal for which most veterans shed their blood in the war, to be Croatia as a land of peace, justice, hard work, freedom and democracy as well as equal rights and opportunities for all of its citizens. We are also aware that this ideal has not yet been realized in many areas of life do to corruption, quests for power and other social injustices. That is why we support every legitimate, peaceful and justified battle for human rights.

However, we cannot support any effort of any group of citizens whose actions declare them to be above the law, even if those citizens are the very war veterans who fought for this country. We have a strong impression that the protest of the veterans in front of the Ministry of Defense has been staged from its start several months ago, and that the veterans have been manipulated and used for political gain. Demands have been presented in the manner of an ultimatum and many of them are quite unreasonable. The real reasons that lie behind this protest are one political group’s hunger for power combined with an argument with legitimately elected government over worldview and ideology.

We want to express our deep concern regarding last night’s staged events on St. Mark’s Square and the placing of natural gas tanks in the middle of the street early this morning. Tension is culminating. This can quite possibly be an attempt of violent cup de etat.

Again, nobody is above the law and there were no justified reasons for staying in St. Mark’s Square after the prescribed legal hours for public protests. The only reason for such behavior can be an attempt to provoke conflict and spread further anarchy. Therefore, we believe the police conduct to be completely justified and want to commend the members of our police force for abstaining from the use of violence, even though in this case they had every right to do so.
We take this opportunity to affirm our Christian belief in peace. We condemn every attempt of violet usurpation and destabilization of the government as well as provocations and disorderly behavior. We detest any manipulation and illegitimate methods of political campaigning including the one coming from the Roman Catholic Church or any other religious community.

February 17th 2015. – Congratulations to Our Newly Elected President Kolinda Grabar Kitarović

The Croatian Christian Coalition sent a formal congratulations to the newly elected President. In addition to good wishes for success in the next five years of her mandate, the letter of congratulations also states:

“It is our desire that you show care and interest for minority religious groups and their rights during the five years of your mandate as a president. We believe the care for minorities to be one of the foundations of righteousness and justice, and it is our hope that you will personally contribute to the protection of the rights of all Croatian citizens. It is our Biblical duty to pray for people in power and we solemnly declare to hold you in our prayers so that you are able to perform your duties wisely, righteously and for the benefit of this country and its citizens.”

The Croatian Christian Coalition hopes for good and fruitful cooperation with the new President and open doors with her office to all minority religions.

January 29th 2015. – Stand up for the Victims of Religious Intolerance

We need to look at this year’s celebration of the Day of Religious Freedom in light of events taking place in Syria, Iraq, Nigeria and the recent terrorist attack in France. Despite the fact that the latest event has attracted the largest amount of media attention, being an attack on the freedom of speech, there is a wider concern connected with these recent events. The advancement of different groups of fundamental Islam, who persecute members of all other religions that come into contact with them, is something we need to be concerned about.

Here in Croatia we have our own struggles and concerns when it comes to religious freedom, but they are nothing in comparison with the larger issues that people face around the world. Millions of people are being persecuted for their faith. Persecution of Christians (as well as members of other religions) is not only something that happened in ancient Rome when believers were thrown to lions. Persecution, torture, killing, rape, church burnings - all of these are a reality in the 21st century. Just because we live in a country where these things do not happen, does not mean that we can stand off to the side and say nothing about the suffering of other people. The Croatian Christian Coalition firmly condemns all radical Islamist groups that entice and commit violence. Faith should not be the source of violence. There is no excuse for any act of violence done in the name of religion.

We also believe Muslim communities in Europe should take a firmer stand against fundamentalists and terrorists and publicly denounce and condemn ISIS and other radical groups that commit acts of violence. Statements about Islam being a peaceful religion are overshadowed by the horrible crimes done in the name of that same religion. Therefore, the leaders of Muslim communities must show more audacity in condemning religious persecution and violence in the name of Islam. The Croatian Christian Coalition also invited members of other religious communities in Croatia to stand up, not only for religious rights, but also for the lives of people endangered by radicalism.

Finally, CCC wants to point out that Croatia still has not come to a legal solution for the many religious communities that cannot be registered as such, but exist as NGOs because they do not have the 500 members needed to register as religious community. This is  a continuance of discrimination and the unequal position of religions communities in the Republic of Croatia.

For Croatian Christian Coalition,
Dr. Mario Dučić

January 25th 2015. - Members of the Croatian Christian Coalition Met With a Representative of Ministry of Science, Education and Sport

Members of the Croatian Christian Coalition, Mario Dučić and Ivana Čorić met with the Assistant Minister of Science, Education and Sport, Staša Sknežić. The topic of this meeting was homeschooling. The Assistant Minister confirmed that homeschooling will be integrated into the new Primary and Secondary Education Law that should be passed towards the end of this current year.

For Croatian Christian Coalition,
Dr. Mario Dučić

December 26, 2014 – Vote for the presidential candidate who offers care for all Croatian citizens

Dear Croatian citizens,

We invite you to exercise your right to vote and show you care for the general welfare of the Croatian people by casting your vote for the next President of The Republic of Croatia. The election  will be held on December 28, 2014. As Christians we must show sound judgment and not seek perfection in a presidential candidate because we ourselves are not perfect.

It is important that the candidate for whom we vote stand for moral values associated with our Christian faith. A presidential candidate should possess moral integrity and advocate honesty, justice, and transparency. Further,  such a candidate should have a clear and feasible program. Let us choose a candidate who does not use his campaign to slander other candidates but instead presents his own political program. Finally, but not less important, let us give our vote for the candidate who shows  much care for the human rights of all citizens of Croatia.

For Croatian Christian Coalition,
Dr. Mario Dučić

October 7, 2014- Representatives of Croatian Christian Coalition thanked President Josipović for his support

President Josipović has openly supported the churchmembers of Croatian Christian Coalition during its 12-year long legal battle for religious rights and its long-awaited signing of the contract with the Government. After the contract was finally signed, representatives of CCC have had the  opportunity to personally thank President Josipović for his support at a formal meeting held in the presidential residence on October 7th .As a token of their gratitude, members of the coalition have presented President Josipović and Dr. Ankica Marinović, his Adviser for Science, Higher Education and Religious Communities with symbolic gifts.

August 29th 2014 - Members of Croatian Christian Coalition and the Government of Croatia signed the contract regulating religious rights

President of Alliance of Word of Life Churches, Damir Šićko Alić, president of The Church of the Full Gospel, Dr. Mario Dučić, and bishop of Protestant Reformed Christian Church in Croatia, Dr. Jasmin Milić, have signed the contract with The Government of The Republic of Croatia regulating the religious rights of these three churches. This symbolizes the end of a long legal battle against discrimination that started 10 years ago.

August 19th 2014 - Croatian Christian Coalition condemns the violence against Christians in Iraq

As a symbol of solidarity with fellow Christians in Iraq, many people in The West have put a letter “N”, which stands for Nazarenes, followers of Jesus from Nazareth, as their profile pictures. Unfortunately, the compassion of Christians around the world and symbols on Facebook can’t do anything to stop the violence against thousands of people in  northern Iraq. The choices are leave, convert to Islam, or die. Those are the options given to Christians and members of other religions except for radical Sunnite Muslims.

For Europeans living in peace with their Muslim neighbors, persecution of Christians is something that happened long time ago in ancient Rome when early Christians were being thrown to lions. But the reality is much more scary, especially in the countries where radical and fundamental Islam is on the rise. Many Christians are being threatened, persecuted, tortured and killed for their faith on a daily basis.

The events in Iraq are just the latest example of persecution and violence done in the name of Islam. It is not our goal to label all Muslims as violent, but we must admit that radical Islam is on the rise. The spread of  fundamentalist Islam and its ideology has become a threat to the national security and stability of many countries. In addition, the basic human rights to freedom of religion and the lives of thousands of people are endangered. We believe that it is time for Croatia and Europe to take a stand against radical Islamic groups that are terrorizing people in many countries of Asia and Africa.  We also believe Muslim communities in Europe that advocate peaceful Islam should be among the ranks of those taking a stand against violence and radicalism. It is time, at the beginning of this 21st century, that all of us condemn all forms of religious intolerance and violence.

Croatian Christian Coalition is taking a firm stand against and condemns all forms of violence and persecution against Christians in Iraq and also in other countries where radical Islamic groups are conducting “ethical” and religious cleansing. We also invite other religious communities in Croatia, including Muslim communities, to join us and raise their voices for religious freedom and security of members of all religions. We also want to alert the public to the dangers of this kind of extremism and call to solidarity with the victims of this violence.

May 20, 2014.  – Assistance in the areas affected by the flood in the Republic of Croatia

The Croatian Red Cross has submitted an appeal to collect aid for residents who live in areas affected by the flood in the Republic of Croatia.
Donations can be directed to

All online payments made by PBZ Card or paid at Privredne banke Zagreb and Zagrebačke banke are free from bank fees.
*Overseas payments can be paid to SWIFT: PBZGHR2X (an account is opened at Privredna banka, Zagreb)
** All three telecommunication companies in Croatia, as well as cell phone operators, Hrvatski telekom (HT), Vipnet and Tele2 Hrvatska, have decided to waive earnings from calls made to the humanitarian phone number 060 9011. The Government of the Republic of Croatia has waived PDV for donations made by telephone calls.

March 13, 2014.  – Churches have accepted the new contract proposal

The Protestant Reformed Church of the Republic of Croatia, Crkva cjelovitog evanđelja and the Assembly of Churches “Word of Life” have cancelled today’s protest to be held in front of the Ministry of Justice because at yesterday’s meeting with the representatives of the Committee for Relations with Religious Communities accepted the proposed contract that should regular their rights. The aforementioned protest was announced for Friday, March 14 at 11:00 A.M. in front of the building of the Ministry of Justice due to the discrimination and delay to sign a contract which would regulate constitutional and legal rights as well as fulfill the judgment by the European Court for Human Rights. Furthermore, HKK members have decided to not submit the new lawsuit against the Government of the Republic of Croatia they announced based on the Law to Repress Discrimination.

At the meeting with the interim director of the Committee for Relations with Religious Communities Šime Jerčić, held on Thursday late afternoon, the newly proposed contract was accepted at the request of the three church members of Croatian Christian Coalition that they bring small corrections in relation to cancellation of the contract and financial support from the State budget. Members of Croatian Christian Coalition hope that they will soon sign a final copy of the contract which will give equal rights to other religious communities as well, and will finalize the negotiations that have lasted more than 10 years.

For Croatian Christian Coalition,
Dr. Mario Dučić

March 11, 2014.  – A Public Protest of Ongoing Discrimination by the Government of the Republic of Croatia

Croatian Christian Coalition is forced to organize yet another public protest in front of the building of the Ministry of Justice – Vukovarska 49. The protest will be held on Friday, March 14 at 11:00-12:00 as a means to draw attention to the ongoing discrimination by the Government of the Republic of Croatia to minority religious communities in Croatia. In fact, members of CCC have led negotiations for three years already with the Government of the Republic of Croatia through the Ministry of Justice and the Committee for Relations with Religious Communities. However, the Government, over the aforementioned time period, has not proposed a Contract of Mutual Interest that would not be discriminatory to the impaired religious communities, and in relation to the Contract which the Government of the Republic of Croatia signed with other religious communities, although this was the central message of the judgment brought by the European Court in Strasbourg more than three years ago.

By this protest, CCC wishes to bring public attention how after Croatia joined the European Union continues to discrimination against religious communities, which is a clear violation of religious and human rights that are protected by constitutional and legal decrees in the Republic of Croatia and the European Union. We also wish to call other religious communities, political parties and organizations of civil society, as well as the citizens of Zagreb to support our protest. Religious freedom is a basic human right and we believe that citizens desire to live in a state whose government protects minorities, rather than deny them their constitutional and legal rights.

For Croatian Christian Coalition,
Dr. Mario Dučić

January 21, 2014.  – Protest Held on the Day of Religious Freedom

Toward the end of January the world celebrates the Day of Religious Freedom. On that occasion this year, Croatian Christian Coalition will hold a protest in front of the building of the Government of the Republic of Croatia. The protest will be held on Friday, January 24 at 10:30-11:30 (gathering at the Main Square Ban Jelačić at 10:00), with the goal to draw attention to the ongoing discrimination by the Government of the Republic of Croatia to minority religious communalities in Croatia.

In fact, members of CCC have led negotiations for two years already with the Government of the Republic of Croatia through the Ministry of Justice and the Committee for Relations with Religious Communities. However, the Government, over the aforementioned time period, has not proposed a Contract of Mutual Interest that would not be discriminatory to the impaired religious communities, and in relation to the Contract which the Government of the Republic of Croatia signed with other religious communities, although this was the central message of the judgment brought by the European Court in Strasbourg more than two years ago. By this protest, CCC wishes to bring public attention how after Croatia joined the European Union continues to discrimination against religious communities, which is a clear violation of religious and human rights that are protected by constitutional and legal decrees in the Republic of Croatia and the European Union. As a further step to realizing our rights, members of CCC, in the course of this month, will submit a new lawsuit against the Government of the Republic of Croatia based on the Law of Repression of Discrimination. At the time we would like to call you to join us in our public protest.

For Croatian Christian Coalition,
Dr. Mario Dučić

04. prosinca 2013.  – An Open Letter

Dear Respected Mr. Milanović,

Over the past month, through various activities, you have attempted to draw attention to the discriminated persons of homosexual orientation. You have shown how that Croatia is a country of human rights. As you know, there are minority religious communities in the Republic of Croatia (members of Croatian Christian Coalition and other religious communities) who, despite constitutional and legal decrees and the judgment of the European Courts for Human Rights, still have not realized their religious rights guaranteed to other communities.

Our question is whether or not the Government of the Republic of Croatia will declare, namely render them their rights. Are you willing to record commercials and publically declare that you protect minority religious communities in the Republic of Croatia, who to this day are systematically discriminated against? Furthermore, I would like to mention that your Government has turned a deaf ear to correspondence by minority religious communities and for the past two years has exhausted them and delayed signing a Contract of Mutual Interest which would regulate their aforementioned rights.
We hope that you will fight for us with the same dedication that you have fought for the rights of those with alternate sexual orientation in Croatia.

dr. Mario Dučić

November 29, 2013.  –CCC supports defining marriage as a union between a man and a woman

Croatia Christian Coalition supports every initiative that is based on Christian values and general moral standing. In the case of the referendum to define marriage as a union between and man and a woman, we act strictly evangelistically. Therefore, as God by the very act of Creation, decided to create families as a union between a man and a woman, we consider this union the only union that pleases God. We do no consider any other union to be marriage. Persons of homosexual orientation should be respected. We agree that it is necessary do all we can to show them respect and Christian love, as Jesus Christ would. In concordance with that, we believe that their human rights must be fully secured and protected.

However, CCC does not consider the definition of marriage as a human right. Furthermore, we strongly believe that same-sex couples, namely individuals who live an alternate lifestyle, should not have the right to adopt because their lifestyle is not natural under the law and cannot create descendents; which, for the good of the child and his development, he should dwell with parents of both sexes. With this statement, we join other religious communities and organizations that consider marriage to be a union exclusively between a man and woman.

Almir Pehlić,
Coordinator of the Department of Ethics

November 11, 2013 – Members of Croatian Christian Coalition are Welcomed at the Ministry of Justice

A meeting was held at the Ministry of Justice on Thursday October 7, 2013 with the Assistant Minister of Justice Sandra Artuković Kunšt together with Damir SićkoAlić of the Assembly of Church “Word of Life”, Mario Dučić of Crkva cjelovitog evanđelja, and Jasmin Milić of the Protestant Reformed Christian Churches in the Repubic of Croatia. Representatives from religious communities were notified that the Government recently formed a new committee for relations with religious communities as well as a Committee Office for relations with religious communities and will soon name a director of office. Discussions we held about signing a contract of mutual interest between the Government of the Republic of Croatia and the above-mentioned religious communities, as well as the ability to include in the contract the issue of financing those communities.

Members of Croatian Christian Coalition await continued negotiations during this month and a conclusion to the Contract. Otherwise, in such case as the Government of the Republic of Croatia continues to politically ignore the unnecessary delay or denies all rights given to other religious communities in the Republic of Croatia, members will announce new public protests and a lawsuit against the Law to Repress Discrimination.

For Croatian Christian Coalition,
Dr. Mario Dučić
November 4, 2013. – Members of CCC will hold a protest this week in front of Governmental buildings to bring attention to their problem

As was announced, the members of CCC have decided to continue public action to bring attention to the resistance of the Government to sign a mutual contract regarding the question of mutual interest and respect the Constitution of the Republic of Croatia that guarantees equality for all religious communities.  After two years of internal negotiations, the Government of the Republic of Croatia, through the Ministry of Justice and the Committee of Religious Community Relations, has not offered to sign a contract of mutual interest, which would not be discriminatory to impaired religious communities, and in relation to the Contracts which they signed with other religious communities, although this was the central message of the judgment of the European Courts in Strasbourg.

Thus, this week the members of CCC will hold a peaceful protest with the goal to bring attention to the injustice and delay in resolving this issue. The first protest will be held Wednesday November 6th at 10:00 A.M. in front of the building of the Government of the Republic of Croatia, and the second will be held the next day on the 7th of November at 10:00 A.M. in front of the Ministry of Justice.  At the protest, flyers will be handed out with a short explanation of our grievances in order to inform the public of the fact that in the Republic of Croatia exist minorities that do not have the same rights as others. Inasmuch as the Government does not respond within the space of 10 days, and reply to our public appeal and numerous official letters which for months have awaited an answer for continued negotiations, the members of the coalition will take new action according to the Law of Suppression of Discrimination.

With this we would like to invite you to join us in our protest and with your presence support our Constitutional right of equality for all religious communities before the Law.

Dr. Mario Dučić

October 10, 2013.  – And three years following the judgment of the courts in Strasbourg, the members of CCC are still without a contract of Mutual Interest.

Although the Courts for Human Rights in Strasbourg judged in favor of the members of CCC three years ago and brought churches hope that the rights of their believers would finally be made equal with the rights of other religious communities, it is still not come to that.  In the meantime, CCC has on numerous occasions attempted to come to agreeable terms with the Minister of Justice, Orsat Miljenić, who is also the President of the Committee for Religious Community Relations, which would place church members in the same position as other religious communities.  Unfortunately, Minister Miljenić, others who are included in resolving this issue, has not shown adequate interest or desire to sign a contract of mutual interest that would not substandard to the one they have signed with other churches.

With this kind of approach, once again we see an outright withdrawal of the constitutional and legal rights of the citizens of the Republic of Croatia, and among them children who are, again this year, left without a resolved right to catechism for their faith. The members of CCC do not wish to forsake their rights of equality and like standards of other religious communities.  If they fail to realize them, they are ready to initiate new civil action as well as a public gathering in front of the buildings of the Government of the Republic of Croatia and the Ministry of Justice the beginning of next month, in order to bring attention to this problem.

June 26, 2013 – Are We Ready For Europe

In just a few days Croatia will join the European Union.  We will enter a community of countries about whom can be said that they guarantee the highest degree of respect for human rights as well as religious freedom. Given this fact, it is almost unthinkable that in Croatia still exist religious communities whose legal status is not yet resolved, yet that is the case with the churches of the members of Croatian Christian Coalition. In fact, two years after the European Courts for Human Rights brought a judgment in their favor, The Assembly of the Churches “Word of Life”, The Protestant Reformed Church of The Republic of Croatia, and Crkva cjelovitog evanđelja still have not signed a contract of mutual interest with the Government of the Republic of Croatia.  In other words, they are still not able to fully enjoy the rights that other religious communities have.

In the meantime, through a number of letters and much correspondence with the Committee for Religious Community Relations, they attempted to arrange the requirements and provisions of the contract, including financial assistance, however they encountered beaurocratic difficulties, delays and a general lack of desire to resolve the issues of these basic human rights for all minorities. Minister Vesna Pusić and other high ranking officials stated that they wish to support all minorities in obtaining their rights. This is why we call on Prime Minister Milanović and Minister Pusić to assist us in realizing our rights so that discrimination of minority religious communities in the Republic of Croatia will finally cease. Our rights and the rights of our religious communities are not only unprotected, they are violated and the decree of the European Courts for Human Rights is not respected.

CCC wishes to state once more the dissatisfaction with this kind of attitude and asks the question: Are we even ready for Europe if we are not able to respect the judgment of the European courts or carry out guaranteed laws and regulations.

May 16, 2013 – Croatia Needs Respectful and Capable Administrators

Only a short time is left until the local elections.  From every side you see billboards with smiling faces of well-known and lesser known politicians.  Local elitists are organizing celebrations as a way to tempt the people, smear campaigns are in full swing and promises echo in the air. Unfortunately, this is all a picture of Croatian pre-election reality, while the nation laments in unemployment, debt, and hopelessness.

The recently held elections for European Parliament showed how Croatians have completely lost faith in politicians and their desires, competence and ability to change the dire economic, social and moral state of the land. Additionally aggravating circumstances were such that to many it seemed that their vote would do little to influence the future of our country because there was little difference from those who sit in the European Parliament. However, the local elections that are before us absolutely influence our everyday lives and problems that we face. Overwhelming statistics show that in at county, city and district levels the local elite win and therefore mainly govern according to their personal interests and the interests of their family and friends. And because of those who place their own interests ahead of the communities they serve, the perception that politics exclusively serve the benefit of politicians, and not those whom they represent, continues to reign

We are aware that people are disillusioned with politicians of all idealistic commitments, stands and abilities. Regardless, Croatian Christian Coalition considers election time a time when individuals and communities influence the future of their country. Therefore, we call all citizens to consider well the candidates for city mayor and county ruler, and before they make a decision to look at the level of integrity, responsibility, capability, and character of each person. Only respectable, industrious, and capable people can pull us out of this crisis in which we find ourselves both on local and state levels. It is essential to Croatia to have good administrators who know how to wisely use given resources to elevate the life of their fellow citizens.  CCC hopes that these local elections will bring positive change at local levels, whose results will resuscitate the economic and general prosperity of all citizens.

For Croatian Christian Coalition,
Dr. Mario Dučić

April 9, 2013 – CCC Supports the Rights of National Minorities

Croatian Christian Coalition would like to express its support of the enforcement of the constitutional law and implementation of Cyrillic script in Vukovar. We consider that all minorities, ethnic as well as religious minorities, should enjoy the same constitutionally and legally guaranteed rights. Unfortunately the issue of implementing the Serbian language and Cyrillic script has lately been abused to advance daily political agendas. Although we understand the sentiments of the residents of Vukovar who have lost their loved ones, we condemn manipulation of their painful memories from the Croatian War of Independence as a means to achieve their political goals. Cyrillic script should especially not be the subject of political war and manipulation as it is part of the common cultural heritage of all Slavs and in which was written the first Slavic translation of the Holy Bible.

Croatia cannot advance or become a part of Europe if she does not respect human rights and freedoms. War and patriotism should not be mingled with execution of the law and respect for rights. Therefore we state our support and call on the Government of the Republic of Croatia that in a reasonable timeframe and visible manner carry out all constitutional rights of Serbian ethnic minorities. Additionally, we state our hope that the Government will fulfill all constitutional rights of minority religious communities who, despite the law and judgment of the European Courts for Human Rights from more than 2 years ago, are unable to enjoy the same rights as other majority religious communities.

Dr. Mario Dučić

January 25, 2013 – On the occasion of the International Day of Religious Freedom, Croatian Christian Coalition warns about the state of freedom in Croatia.

Annually, every last Saturday of January marks the International Day of Religious Freedom. Above all else on this day, we remember those in history who have suffered, and those today who are still suffering for their religious convictions. Religious freedom in Croatia is guaranteed by the constitution and, thankfully, denominational members are not persecuted as are those in many parts of the world. However, although stated in the Constitution, believers of all religious communities are not equal under the law. In fact, Article 41 of the Constitution of the of Republic of Croatia reads: "All religious communities are equal under the law and separate from the State. Religious communities are free, in accordance with the law, to publicly perform religious practices, establish schools, colleges, other institutions, social and charity institutions and govern them, and in their services enjoy protection and assistance of the State." However, in reality this is not so. The reality is that in Croatia there are several types of religious communities who have varying statuses. Some of them enjoy all rights and protections – above all, the Roman Catholic Church, whose rights are regulated by a special international contract between the Republic of Croatia and the Vatican. What follows are other religious communities who have a written contract of mutual interest with the Government that enables to them to realize their rights. Then there are those religious communities who are registered in the Register of Religious Communities, but the Government of the Republic of Croatia for years has avoided signing a contract of mutual interest with them; and finally there are those religious communities who cannot even register as a religious community, but rather only as an "organization"

Croatian Christian Coalition (CCC) and her members: the Assembly of Churches "Word of Life", the Protestant Reformed Christian Church, and Crkva cjelovitog evanđelja fall into the third category and have had to fight for their rights at the European Courts for Human Rights in Strasbourg. The courts demanded that the Government of the Republic of Croatia resolve the legal status of the churches belonging to CCC, pay damages and enable these congregations to realize their rights. More than two years have passed since the judgment, and the Government of the Republic of Croatia has not signed a contract of mutual interest with the above-mentioned congregations that would regulate constitutional rights that they currently do no possess.

Representatives of CCC, namely church members, have for some time unsuccessfully attempted to meet with representatives of the Government and appropriate ministers to continue negotiations regarding signing the mentioned contract. Despite the letters sent to them and the attempts to schedule meetings, the Government has not shown good will to resolve this problem. Members of CCC will therefore file the necessary petitions for mediation at the State's Attorney's office before the first of April. If in the meantime the Government fails to do anything to begin resolution of the issues, CCC will be forced to take action against the Republic of Croatia on grounds of violation of The Law on Suppression of Discrimination. CCC very soon also will once again submit a letter of complaint to the Council of the EU.

It is unfortunate that in a country that will soon join the EU, citizens of individual religious communities must fight for years in order to obtain the rights guaranteed them by their constitution, and that legal equality for all religions exists only on paper. While the situation may appear ideal from the perspective of members of most religious communities, there are those who are discriminated against and who, for twenty years after Independence and establishment of democratic change in Croatia, still cannot be legally married within their own religious community or have the right to their own catechism, hospital visitation, or resources from the State budget, among other rights as do other religious communities. Croatian Christian Coalition calls upon you to lift your voice for equality of all religious communities in the Republic of Croatia,

For CCC,
dr. Mario Dučić

January 11, 2013 – CCC condemns irrelevant rhetoric of the Catholic church and Minister Jovanović in connection with health education

Following the public debate by Minister Jovanović and the Catholic Church, as it relates to introduction of the recent health education in the schools, Croatian Christian Coalition (CCC) condemns the rhetoric that has lately come from both sides. Although we are against the introduction of the health education in schools in its current form, we consider how the Catholic Church and Government inflicted more damage than assistance in resolving this issue.

By doing so, we feel that the Government of the Republic of Croatia ought to consider the argument against the fourth model of health education and the fact that some parents do not wish for their children to be educated about sexuality in the manner suggested in the given curriculum. Rather than admitting that the program has its drawbacks,and including the parents, teachers and experts who have opposing views than those who participated in creating this program, Minister Jovanović concerns himself with disputes and rendering insults to the Catholic Church and thereby insulting all other citizens of the Republic of Croatia whose opinions differ from his. One possessing a high office in Government ought not relate to a portion of its citizens possessing more conservative opinions than he as if they are primitive and uneducated, nor force his opinion as it if is the only correct one.

On the other hand, through statements from the high office of the Catholic church, it is easy to see this low tolerance, politically and generally, of the culture. Battle for moral values, opinions and other points of view ought never be based on insults, verbal attacks, and disrespect for others and differing sides. The rhetoric coming from the Catholic Church is not relevant to the public debate and brings more harm than good to the goal it is fighting for. The church ought to fight for morals, rights and justice in an acceptable way that promotes respect.

December 6, 2012 – Health education introduced into our value systems against the Constitution of the Republic of Croatia.

At the start of this school year, in our schools, circumventing usual procedure, new curriculum for health education was brought into the education system that from the beginning was met with disapproval, debate and resistance from some of the parents as well as the general public. Although Croatian Christian Coalition (CCC) in principle supports the need to educate children on health and prevention of violent behavior and addiction, we consider the issues of sexual equality and sexually responsible behavior present a problem because they cross the boundary of value systems.

Therefore, we wish to express that we support the initiative of those parents who do not wish for their children to be educated about sex according to the program introduced in the schools. We believe that a quality program of health education ought not cross the boundaries of value systems. Unfortunately, through this program forces children from Christian families to listen to a program that does not agree with their values and are not given an alternative. According to the Constitution of the Republic of Croatia (article 63) "Parents have the right and freedom to independently decide about the education of their children." This right gives parents a number of international documents and decisions of European Institutions. Therefore, parents first and foremost are the educators and the school system should help them in that education. The decision by MZOS to not bring this decision to the parents, violated the the aforementioned documents and the Constitution of the Republic of Croatia.

Additionally, this program was not put through a pilot study nor education body that should conduct the program. In the end, this could mean that a child is being educated about sexual behavior by a person who practicing sexual risky behavior.Furthermore, not only was the education body not consulted in carrying out the program, they do not consider them educated enough and adequate people for this kind of program, nor do they consider the program relevant to the children they are educating.

CCC essentially believes it to be necessary to perform a pilot study in which the parents are included, and provide them an existing alternate program. It is the right of every parent to directly participate in the education of their children, and in this case that step was ignored and indirectly the parents who do not agree with some of the value assessments that the program presents (and they ought not to), have been deemed old fashioned.

November 29, 2012 – Due to the reluctance of the Government to negotiate, CCC is force to once again seek justice in court

Although the Minister of Justice Mr. Orsat Miljenić stated that the Government was ready to negotiate with the members of Croatian Christian Coalition (CCC) in relation to signing a contract of mutual interest, members of CCC for some time have unsuccessfully attempted to schedule a meeting at which they could negotiate specific items of the contract. They were offered a proposed contract that they consider unacceptable because it greatly differs from the contract the Government signed with other religious communities and fails to guarantee the same rights. Therefore, members of CCC are forced to take new steps to secure a contract equivalent to the one the Government of the Republic of Croatia has signed with other religious communities.

The first step is to send a petition to the State's Attorney of the Republic of Croatia in which is recommended to sign a contract of mutual interest that includes the question of financing from the state budget, which is the case in the contract they hold with other religious communities and which, in the case of members of CCC, they are attempting to avoid. This presents continual discriminatory treatment with which they continue to violate the Constitution and European Convention of Human Rights, which was confirmed in the ruling from the European Courts for Human Rights. The State's Attorney's office has been sent a petition for mediation, namely an offer to the Government to resolve the issue of the contract. If this does not resolve the issue, members of CCC will be forced to take legal action to eliminate discrimination based on item 2, article 2 of The Law of Repression of Discrimination.

It is not the goal of the members of Croatian Christian Coalition to take further legal action, however the treatment by the Government has not left many options in resolving the problem, namely realizing our constitutional rights. Furthermore, members of CCC will once again submit a report to the Council of the EU regarding the continual discrimination and disregard of the final ruling brought by the European Courts for Human Rights two years ago.

For CCC,
dr. Mario Dučić,

October 30, 2012 – We Need Need A New Reformation Society

Nearly 500 years ago one of the originators of the Protestant movement Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses on the door of the Wittenberg Chapel and by that began a wave of reformation that changed the face of Christianity in Europe.  Every year on October 31st in honor of that event we celebrate Reformation Day. 

Although it is little known in Croatia, in European countries this is an important date.  For many, such as our neighboring country Slovenia, it is a national holiday.  The start of the Reformation in Europe was not only important in a religious sense, but also for society, politics and culture.  Apart from returning to the foundation of Christian faith held in the Bible, the Reformation called for deep change in work ethic, morals and society in general.  In countries, such as Switzerland, Germany or Scandinavia, the Reformation left a deep and lasting mark whose positive effects are witnessed even today.  Unfortunately in Croatia, little is known about Reformation Day, or even about the Reformation at all.  But that doesn't mean that in the time of Luther, Calvin and Zwingli there were not people in Croatia who did not rebel against the corrupt state church, sales of indulgences and other practices that have no basis in the Bible.  A little known fact is that the Earls of Zrinski were among some of those that carried the Protestant movement to Croatia among other noble families who had to hide their submission to Biblical principles.  Many Croatians are also not aware of the fact that in Croatia existed and still operates Churches of the Reformation Heritage.

Concerning the Day of Reformation itself, more people connect this day with the pagan holiday of Halloween than with the day that changed the history of Europe.  However, Croatian Christian Coalition points out that there are positive shifts, above all from the Office of the President of Croatia who for the first time in history of independent Croatia organized this year an official reception to commemorate Reformation Day.  We hope that this positive example in recognition of cultural and religious heritage will cause other institutions and media to follow his example.

Croatian Christian Coalition would also like to invite citizens of the Republic of Croatia to return to the foundations of the Christian faith found in the Holy Word and renew their moral and ethical values such as respect, loyalty, justice, diligence, compassion, goodness and an industrial spirit.  Simple grassroots change on a personal level can change the society and country in which we live.  A new reformation is needed in every aspect of society so that as a nation we can go forward and move out of the economic and moral crisis in which we live.

October 23, 2012 Investment in Excellence Seminar

We invite you to the Investment in Excellence seminar that will be held on November 16th and 17th at the Arcotel Hotel in Zagreb organized by the Pacific Institute.  The seminar is intended for business people, leaders, and mangers in education, culture and professional institutions and its purpose is to extend potential and inspire creativity and knowledge that can bring excellence to you and your company or organization.

The Pacific Institute has been successfully assisting people around the world in organizations with these events for over fourty years.  These are people who have begun great advancement and growth and achieved meaningful advancement and marked change in short span of time.  We present to you our curriculum that in the most effective way overcomes cultural and social battles, divisions and conflicts that threaten and pursue happy and blessed nations around the world.

Through an understandable and simple process, we show people results of scientific research that tie the power of the mind and attitude with success.  To this day we have had influence in more than 60 countries, 600 large corporations, 650 universities in the United States of America and with several presidents and other high ranking officials around the world.  There are fifteen registered branch-offices of the Pacific Institute in all continents that teach our licensed curriculum.  As a final result of our work  we can assist in initiating new business  and opening new workplaces in a country without much direct involvement from the United States of America or Great Britain.  During this semiar we will begin discussion about the possibilities available to Croatia.

The seminar organized by the Pacific Institute will be held November 16-17, 2012

November 16 18:00-21:00
November 17 9:00-17:00

Hotel Arcotel
Kneza Branimira 29
Zagreb, 10000

The cost of this exceptional event is 150 dollars per person for the entire seminar, which includes the teaching materials, food and drink.  We hope that you will accept this invitation for this event whose purpose is to assist in meaningful and lasting growth in all areas of enterprise; not only on a personal level but for those you lead.

You register until November 1 by contacting dr. Mario Dučić at the following numbers or email adress.

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Or you may register on the Internet by using the following link:
I look forward to meeting you.

Dr Neil Straker, CEO
The Pacific Institute – UK

September 25, 2012 – CCC still void of it's rights

Although the leadership of Croatian Christian Coalition hoped that the with the change of the governing cabinet, and by that a change in the members of the Commission for Relations With Religious Communities, would see a shift in resolving the statuses of churches, which still has not taken place.  Nine months after taking office, the new Government has not begun anything concrete in signing a contract of mutual interest with the members of CCC.  In the meantime, the leadership of CCC has reacted numerous times and has sent a letters to the Minister of Justice Orsat Miljenić along with the President of the Commission for Relations with Religious Communities and attempted to get a meeting with him.  At a meeting held with him at the beginning of the year 2012, the Minister promised that by June we would already begin to see visible change in resolving the problem, but thus far this has not occurred.

Members of CCC were told that their status would be resolved through the new Law on Religious Communities, but the change through that law never came.  Also, CCC has not received a tangible answer regarding the deadlines for drafting a change of law, participation in the discussion, nor did it receive reasons why their proposal for signing a contract of mutual interest was not accepted.  In the meantime, a new school year began for which children from the mentioned congregations still do not have a solution for the issue with catechism.  Additionally, young people wishing to marry, as opposed to the rest of Croatians whose churches have a resolution of relations with the State, must have their marriage performed in two locations: the church and at the Justice of the Peace, because weddings performed in their congregations are not recognized as a civil wedding.  We learned unofficially that the current reason for not signing a contract with the members of CCC is a question of finances that this congregation would receive annually from the government, which is absurd because in relation to the amount of money received annually by the Roman Catholic Church, for other larger religious communities it would be a minor sum.

If this situation does not quickly change, if the Government does not begin taking serious steps to resolve this problem, CCC will be forced to take legal and other kinds of action in order that its members are finally able to resolve their status.  It is unfortunate that the Government, who has invested so much into joining the European Union, does not respect the judicial institution and that believers in one European State are forced to fight for one of their foundational human freedoms and the respect of the Constitution of the Republic of Croatia that guarantees equality for all religious communities under the law.